Monitoring Services

security monitoring services torontoIn conjunction with our Network of security dealers located across North America,  we provide our customers with a variety of professional monitoring services ranging from traditional digital monitoring to video verification monitoring. 

Our security dealers will meet with you to discuss the best security options to meet your specifc needs for your home and family and will professionally install your new security system to be monitored through the Global-Link monitoring center.

As a result of our long-staninding partnerships with leading security industry manufacturers such as DSC and Honeywell, we are proud to offer our customers a variety of products and services that will cover everything from the most basic  residential security system to the most sophisticated and advanced commercial security systems.

For customers requiring a ULC certificates, we provide Shared Commercial Burglar Alarm Certificates and Shared Fire Protective Signalling Certificates.

Our monitoring services include:

    - Traditional digital monitoring

    - GSM / cellular

    - Monitoring through the internet

    - Two Way Voice

    - Elevator monitoring

    - ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) certification

    - Replacement for DVACS